Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BAW Camo Shirt Printing Tips


Dye migration or bleeding is caused by sublimation, which is a process where dye in the fabric is turned into a gas at temperatures above 265 degrees F (plastisol inks are normally cured at 310-320 degrees F).  This gas is absorbed into the plastisol ink unless proper steps are taken.


The camo colors will sublimate through most light-colored screen print inks and heat seal vinyl.  This may give a desired “camo” look to the design.  If the desired print appearance is total opacity, please follow these guidelines to minimize any bleeding: 


Screen Printing

1)      Always test print before going to production.

2)      Two-stroke underbase your print with low bleed plastisol ink made for polyester fabrics, using a wide mesh screen such as 80 filaments per inch. Flash dried properly, this underbase will provide a dye blocker for the top print.  .

(A grey poly under base works very well to provide a dye blocker. Union Ink makes this and it has proven to work well for us.)

3)      Flash dry the underbase just to the point where no ink is transferred to the finger; avoid over-heating or under-heating.

4)      Apply a second underbase print if full opacity is not achieved with a single underbase print.

5)      Cure the print in a belt drier not exceeding 320 degrees F.  Note this should be the temperature of the shirt just before exiting the drier, not necessarily the drier temperature setting.

6)      Do not let the garments fall into a box at the end of the dryer.  Contact with hot, unprinted fabric may cause sublimation onto the print.  Have someone catch the garments as they come off the dryer, and give them a few seconds to cool before stacking.  Placement of a fan at the end of the dryer will speed up this process.

Heat Press

1)      For full opacity, use Stahl’s Sub Block, Specialty Materials Subliblock, or Siser Sublithin type vinyl.

2)      Follow the vinyl film manufacturer’s application recommendations.  Do not exceed the recommended heat press temperature.

NOTE: (Bleeding is the nature of the polyester shirts. This is not just with BAW shirts, across the board the polyester have a tendency to bleed. These instructions are best proven to minimize the bleeding. This is not a complete guarantee & we do recommend test printing first.)


Who can create an account with BAW? 
We are a wholesale company who specifically sells to Teams sports Retailers, Screen printers/Embroiderers, and ASI or PPAI members. 

How do I become a dealer? 
Register at the home page. Once you have completed the form, either fax or email a copy of your Resale certificate to activate.  The account will then be activated within an hour.

How do I find my login information? 
You create your own username and password when registering. If you have forgotten this information feel free to contact Customer Service to assist you in retrieving this information.

Where do I see my net pricing? 
You must be logged in to see this.  Due to quantity discounts, your pricing will be shown once the items are added to the cart.

How can I find an item’s sizing chart? 
Under details of each item there is a “Size & Spec” tab, selecting the orange box with the t-shirt picture will open the sizing chart for that specific item. 

Where do I find stock information? 
The quantities available are shown under the area to put the quantities you are ordering. You must be logged in to see this information.  Our servers refresh hourly and update stock automatically. 

What if one of the color/size boxes are grayed out? 
If the box is grayed out that means that particular size & color is out of stock. You can contact Customer Service to get an ETA date.

Why can I not proceed past the shopping cart? 
If you cannot proceed past the shopping cart double check that there is not anything in the cart that is out of stock.  If so, delete this item and you will be allowed to continue on. 

Why can I not proceed past Shipping/Billing address? 
If you are not being able to enter shipping or billing address you will need to go to “My Account” and add the shipping or billing address there.  You may then continue with the Check-Out process.

How BAW Cool-tek works? 
BAW  Cool-tek goes above and beyond a typical moisture-wicking material. Instead of simply wicking swaet and other moisture away. BAW Cool-tek moves moisture to a fabric layer away from the skin where it can evaporate. This leaves the skin protected, comfortable and cool.

How do I know if I have Net 30 terms? 
If you have not submitted a NET terms application to the credit department the account is not on NET terms. Upon registering the account is automatically activated on PREPAID terms. If the account is on prepaid terms and the Net option is chosen the order could be delayed. If you have any questions regarding your terms feel free to contact Customer Service.