Global Sourcing Policy

BAW Athletic Wear Global Sourcing Policy

BAW Athletic Wear owns, operates, and partners with manufacturing facilities around the world.  We require these facilities to maintain the highest standards in factory safety, employee management, and employee work environment, as well as production quality and product value.


Quality of the Workforce.

BAW stresses the need for highly qualified employees capable of producing our products meeting our high quality standard.  Technical employees must average at least 4 years experience in their respective field.


Employee Training and Education.

All factory employees must complete an intensive training program to become certified to produce BAW products.  Employees are trained on a non-discriminatory basis.  


Workplace Safety.

Factories producing BAW garments must, at minimum, comply with all local, state, and federal laws of the country of origin.  In addition, factories will be subject to random inspections by third party safety auditors.


Employee Work Environment.

Factory employees are provided a clean, comfortable, working environment, free from hazardous and harmful materials and gases.  Equipment is operated and maintained to meet safety standards set by the manufacturer.


Each employee is given access to clean and safe amenities during hours of operation.  Factories are required to accommodate employees with special needs due to illness or disability.


Fair Labor Practices.

BAW factories are held to FLA compliance and certification. Compensation shall, at the minimum, meet all local and federal laws in the country of origin and provide employees with a standard of living that provides for basic needs plus discretionary funds.  Holidays and vacation will be provided to employees.  Daily and weekly work hours will be limited according to FLA regulations.


Child Labor Policies.

Factories must comply with local laws regarding legal age of employment.  In addition, BAW forbids an employee to be under the age of 16, or younger than the mandatory requirement for compulsory education.


Harassment and Discrimination.

BAW does not tolerate any form of harassment by management or other employees.  There can be no discrimination based upon age, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, disability, or creed.


BAW employs third party auditors to verify workplace compliance to  BAW's strict standards of safe, comfortable, and desirable conditions for our employees, as well as the quality in product manufacturing expected by our customers.